Sunday, December 2, 2018

      I know  I haven't been  her in many years. I had life take over you could say and I was no longer at home. My Daughter is now in the 5th grade and she is a handful. She is very active. She is in swim class 4 times a week and Girl scouts. So I work while she is in school. It not a glamours job or a very well paid job but it pays and it only 3/4 blocks from the house. I take her to school and then when school is out I pick her. So you could say that I don't work full time. I am a part time manager in a small company. They hate that I don't work full time hours being a manager and they hate that I work around my daughter school hours. They don't like that I have to cut my hours when she not in school either. On the other hand Travis makes more then I do. He has health and retirement benefits that I don't get his job is with the government. So it a little more important then  my job,

         This is the first time in 4 years that we haven't gone to Disney world. We were suppose to go for the first week of December but then a family member died an we had relatives come to visit t his year so things changed.  Izabel has asked if we could go to Disney or universal for one day when we come to visit in January. We were suppose to go down for  her birthday but now it might be delayed a week or 2. The reason behind that is my Husband job is sending him to class for a 4-7 in Atlantic city. No me and Izabel don't get to go. So sad but it is what it is.

Below is a couple of pictures of izabel in Disney
1.  is Disney 2017 Halloween
2 is  Disney 2016 izabel fighting Darth Vader
3 is Disney  2015