Monday, March 31, 2008


It seems only like yesterday that my husband said I think your pregent. I am the women you would think I would know if I was pregent or not. My Body I should know these things, but I was clueless. Its been 5 years of trying and not trying how could I be pregent. You would think if I was going to get pregent I would of gotten pregent by now.
My frist and second trimestors i was sick well only part of the second trimestor. For while there I was living off Peanut Butter sandwiches. If I even tried to eat anythign else I would get sick. I spen many times in the bathroom. Why do they call it morning sickness anyway. You get it when ever. Morninng/afternoon/evening or late evening. Then the prental Vitaminas didnt help either. They made me even sicker.
I told my husband I will have one more kid. If it a girl wil call it Jazmon Marie. If it a boy Traivs Ontario( middle name after my dad). Where going to wait till Izabel about 1 year old and try. Traivs is almost 38 we dont want to wait too long. After that I am done. I love my daughter and I want to give her a brother or sister. I have 3 sisters but they grew up with there other parent. One lived with her dad and 2 lived with there mom and I never got close to them. I felt loney with my mom never home and me have to fend for myself lots of time. Don't get me wrong she was a good mother. She did the best she could with what we had. She even took me to Disneyland when I was 11. I want to take my kids to Disneyworld when there about 5 years old. I think 5 and up kids realy start remmebering things you do with them.