Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Got a third Tooth Filled today. My teeth are very sensitive to water and air so when he touch the tooth it hurts. Now maybe my teeth wont hurt or look like they have holes in the front of them. I was thinking he would half to fill 2 more today. He looked and said nope only 1 need a filling. We got the other 2 last time. They were the worse of the 4 bottom front teeth. Word to the wise don't drink a lot of soda growing up.
I grew up with a parent working in a restaurant so I was always drinking soda. Soda not good on teeth. HFC not good for you either. I do like this new soda they have with Sugar instead of HFC but I doubt it will be around for long. If like Pepsi or MT Dew try the Pepsi and MT Dew Trow Back.My Husband likes it and he doesn't drink regular Pepsi.