Thursday, July 24, 2008

JUly 22-24

Izabel had 3 doctor appointments this week. First one was to look at her head. We already had the MRI and they showed her brain is fine. Her head just is growing to one side. She likes to left side so her head was shaped to that way. He said just keep working on her neck and get her to lay on he right side of her ha. It should start to go back in a few months and by 2 years of age be perfectly normal.
Second doctor appointment was for her head tongue. The pedictrican said she is tongue tied. Which can make it difficult for her to use a kids cup or a bottle right. Even to take a spoon of food. Later when she learns to talk she could have speech problems. So we went to see a doctor that deals in ears/moths, about her tongue. After looking it over and talking to use he felt that it was necessary to cut the skin under her tongue. Now Izabel can stick out her tongue.
Third doctors appointment was for Izabel 6 month Well baby check up and her shots.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


We Finlay got Izabel Crib up. It's a 4-1 She can use it till she ready for a Full size bed and even then she can use the back board with her bed. She thinks it a toy at the moment and rolling around in it. Should I say scooting.
I Still need to find a betting set with a crib linner. She like to stick her legs thought the slats of the bed. The pooh stuff is just stuff I had around the house. Hopefuly I can find a Minnie Mouse Bedding set she loves Minnie Mouse.