Saturday, May 30, 2009


Ive been painting Izabel and visiting Travis aunt who came to town from Tennessee. So It taken me longer then should. Now I am doing the trim in the Brown. Her Room going to be pink with brown trim. Will get you pictures when it done. Also Travis aunt paints pictures etc. She painted every grand kid. Well not her grand kids she doesn't have any, but her sitter grand kids all 7 of them a picture to hang on the wall. Izabel got a pretty picture of bell. I love it.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Izabel walking

The first time Izabel took some real steps was at grandma house but didnt get the camara out. Next time she took some steps I got a video of it. It short and sweet. Hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just few Steps

I know it not alot but Izabel walked from side of her playard to the yard other side of the playard before falling. Well Ok she only walked halfway. The doctor said she shy and afriad to walk. Meaning that she can walk if she wants just wont. Well everyday she getting more and more brave. When she seems me watching her standing there not holding on she get very shy. SHe will either grab hold of something or fall on her butt. So when she walked and then fell, I claped my hands and she claped to let her know she did a good job and I was proud of her.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Second Mothers day

Sunday will Be my second mothers day with you Izabel. It cant belive you are almost 16 months old and trying to walk. I know you don't walk on your own yet but you get around pretty good while holding on to something like your walk. I cant wait for the day you are walking on your own. Every second with you is a blessing. I am so blessed that you came in to my world. Izabel I love you more then words can say. You are the queen of my heart.
You know 5 words now, but sometimes all you will say is Dada and you think it funny to call me dada when dada in the room. Its actually kind of cute that you think eveyrting is dada.
Its funny when your eatting and you dont want anymore food and you make this scrunch up face as to say I dont want any more. Or if you know your suppose to eat a certain amount of your food of your tray you will hide it behind your back/butt. I always check there so you don't get away with that one.

Izabel you are just one smart cookie. I love you very much. More then you can ever Imagen. I promise to allways love you and protect you, each and every day. When you fall down I willbe there to pick you and hold you. Not for very long as you don't like to be held for long. I just want to say Thank you Izabel for making me your mommie.