Sunday, November 23, 2008

new house

Hello again.

Sorry havent posted lately. We been in the proccess of buying our first home. Now it not a big home. Just 3 bed 1 bath. But the lot it on is big enough that we can build a second bathroom or a dinning room. It will be ours. No more living in my inlaws second house.

Also. We will be 5 minutes from Travis work. Right now he is 30 minutes away and that burns alot of gas. When gas was expensive we were were paying 45-65 dollars every week and half.

Right now we signed all the paper work and the seller (bank owned) has excepted our offer. Since it a bank owned (VA HOme) we are waiting on Va to send the paper work to the bank so we can close. We wnted to close by Thanksgiving but that dosnt seem like it goign to happen unless we get a miracle monday or tuesday.

Long they dont want to close dec 15-19 cause we will be out of town. We been playing our trip for 6 months.

So Pray that we can close soon on our house. We are ready to go paint, clean popcorn off cleanings, get curtains and move in.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Vote Vote Vote. Whether your for McCain or for Obama get out there and vote. Know I could sit here all day and tell you who I think you should vote for and why I picked this person or that person. It not my decision. It up to you pick the person you think is right for you even if agree or Disagree with you.
If you don't vote then that your lose. Don't sit there and complain about our government or state government. Today is your day to get voice hered. So get out there and vote.