Saturday, May 24, 2008

4 Months Old

Well we took Izabel to her 4 Month check up. She healthy. She up to 10 pounds 4 oz. and 22 inches long. She only wants to sleep on one side of her head and not the other. Even when I try to move her so she will sleep on the left side she finds a way to to get on the other side. The back of her head is flat also. I try to sit her up but all she does bob her head up and down and fall over. The doctor is concered about her neck muscles. The doctor may have us take her to physical theorphy before there nothing we can do about her head and neck.
Is she suppose to hold her head up at 4months old. I am a new monther I dont know what to do. Is it somethign I am doign wrong. I know she was born 6 weeks early so she might devleop slower then normaly , but she is growing fast.

On the other hand he has her on rice cereal with formual and her bottle still. At 5months old we get to start her out on carrots and all the other orange vetegables. One thing I do know is get your kid to love your vegetables or they will never learn to eat them. My mom tried her best but my dad never forced it on me and today i am very pickey eater. I don't want my daugther to be that way. Somes times in the last 2 days she will eat her cereal and sometimes she wont. I don't think she likes the spoon in her mouth, but I am hoping in time she will get use to it.