Thursday, September 11, 2008

Don't forget US.

I know this isnt my normaly post, but remember that everyone who lost somoene on this tragic day are in our thoughts and prays and will never be forgoten.

I was at home asleep when it happen. I lived in Oregon at the time. My ex woke me up and said something has hit the twin tower. I jumped out of bed and said holy shit. I couldn't belive it. I always heard of things like that. I just never thought somehting like this would happen in America.
God always says things happen for a reason even if we don't understand them. People will always wonder why did they have to die. It wasn't there time. Same thing I ask God everyday why did he have to take my father when I waws 11 years old. Now he will never know his granddaughter. I tell her that grandpa loved hes her so much that he sent her to me to watch over me since he can't. I dought I will ever get over his death but it makes it easier to move on. I know it been 20 years, but still feels like yesterday.