Friday, April 3, 2009


I was thinking since Izabel room is Pink with Brown trim that this dresser would look nice in her room. What do you think?

Still need to get a picture of her room when it totaly done. One these days I will update it totaly done. I am slow at putting a room together. I feel like I need to apply to one those HGTV shows to get someone to come out and customize Izabel room for me. I always have these ideas that I want to do but never have the time or money or the know how to put it together. Then there are people like my friend Jessica who 6 months pregenet and already got a whole theme room done for her daugther to me. I cant wait to see it.


Stephanie said...

Jeff and I were just talking about applying to HGTV for one of the rooms in our house. I like the dresser.