Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Just one those days. Reading a friend blog I started thinking my cat. I had her for 9 years. I miss her everyday but had to be done. She wasnt kid friendly. When Izabel was a baby she was ok with it. Once Izabel started walking around and could chase her she didnt like it. She would hiss at her. She has attack Travis before, but that was right after I moved her from Oregon to Colorado. Once she was here she got better. I couldnt take the chance of her hissing or attacking my sweet Izabel. She a pretty good cat when not around kids. So when we couldnt find a home, had to take to place for cats. They said they try to find her ahome with no kids. WIth her being 9 years old there no promise. Shadow I will always love you and I miss. May god be with you and remember mommie loves you.