Monday, October 27, 2008

9 months check up

We Went to the doctors today for Izabel 9Th month Check up. Anyway it seems no matter what we do our doctor is called to the hospital. She great but always busy. Today she had to go in and do a blood transfusion for a baby. Baby was brought in 30 minutes for are appointment. So again we had to wait.

Izabel is up to 27 inches long and 15.` oz in weight now. She can semi crawl more of a roll and scoot but there a crawl kind of in there. She can sit up on her own now if she wants. She will also stand u p if holding on to mommy or daddy hands. My baby is growing up so fast.

She got two teeth on the bottom front comming though. I mean you can see the white of the teeth now. Her top teeth on the front look good too the doctor says. She say the gums is almost gone which means a tooth is ready to come in. Since Izabel likes to eat Mash potatoes and pizza crust. The doctor thinks that we should move her up to Gerber stage 3 foods. She still on the hypoallergenic formula still. It the best formula for her. She get about 7 oz ever 2-3 hours.

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you she got part 1 of her flue shot today. Since she so little she get half now and half next month.

We been fighting our insurance company they wont pay for the RSV shoot. They say we don't have the fun or the deductible even thought we got a 4k deductible. It crazy that they would Deny a child something that they think she needs. So lucky since she was born in Colorado she also go Medicaid as her secondary and the doctor going to push it though. Good bless the State for when your insurance company is stupid.

All in all I think she is doing good for starting out so small and wouldn't eat.