Thursday, December 25, 2008

From Good to bad.

I was so happy that it was christmas and I got to spend it with my Baby girl Izabel.. I couldnt wait for Travis to get home fromt he airport where he works. I figured he change, then I'd wake the baby up feed her and change her. Then after we load up the car with all the presents we would go to Grandmas house for christmas. Life dosn't always work the way you want it too. So, don't ask me how Izabel First christmas went.

We where on are way to Travis mother house after wook. You know he work at the airport so he dosn't get a holilday off unless it falls on one his days off. Anyway light was green so we were going north and a lady decied to go 50mph in a 30mph going east, ran the red light and hit us on the driver side and totaled Our car. We Spent Christmas in the Emergency room. Me and Izabel are ok. Travis Broke his right hand and has cut and bruises all over. Lucky Izabel is a baby and wont remember this, but it scared the living crap out of me. Travis had to break his door open to get out of the car. The airbags both went off. I was so scared, never been so scaredin my life. Wasnt for my life it was for Izabel life. Lucky Izabel sits on my side of the car not behind daddy seat. A 77 year old women was driving the other car. Her car is totaled also, the whole front end is gone. So What a christmas. So when people ask me how Izabel liked he first christmas this is all I can think ab0ut