Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sad, when Izabel was born My sister n law got me a stroller car seat combo. Now today the insurance guy calls. Not my insurance guy, but the guy for the lady that ran into us. They said Since Izabel car seat was in a reck and though nothing happen to her or the seat we have to give it to the people who are holidng are car and get ride of it. I dont want to buy a new Car seat but I will for the safety of my baby. I didn't want to break up the set.

They think They will have to total out are car. I told my husband I don't want a car has to be another SUV. The police officer siad if it hadnt been for us being in an SUV my husband woiuld of been dead or hurt from the waste down.

So What kind of SUV do you drive? What do you think is the best and w hat should I look for?