Sunday, January 11, 2009

It sure has been a crazy few weeks. My glasses were broken in the wreck so I am weaning my spare glasses till I can go to the doctor to get a new pair. I've been fighting an infection. When the airbag hit my face it caused one of my teeth in my mouth to get infected. It didn't happen right away. Well It did but I didn't show signs of it. I had to have a Root cancel and a tooth fixed. Yeah for Insurance. With out medical and dental insurance we be in a world of trouble. I don't like going to the dentist but it was an emergency my face swelled up and I had to get a prescription to take the swelling down. So Friday I had the root canal and the dentist isn't done yet. That was just clean out the tooth and the root and add medicine to the root so it can heal.

Did I tell you guys that Travis hand is broken in 5 places. Well He is now in a cast and hates it. On monday he goes to the doctors again. His cast was put on while his hand was swollen so we are wondering if they are goign to give him a new one after they check his hand or wait. If it dosn't heal right in 2 more weeks he will have to have surgery. I just hope if does have to have surgery that he dosn't have to have any time off work.

I don't want him to have to fight an insurance company to pay for his time off work.

It bad enough that are inruance company had to pay our car out since it was totaled and they bill the other inruance company that hit us. They didn't want to give us the full value of the car. They said are car wanst worth 15k when our insruance company said it was.

So we have had one thing after another it been pretty bussy here.