Monday, February 9, 2009

Going to be an aunt again.

Well All of Izabel cousions are older then her. youngest is Jaconb at 5 1/2 and then Mayklan at 6 1/2 . Then there Chase at 13 Airel at 15 1/2 and Aurora at 17. So Izabel dosnt realy have anyone to play with her. Today we got some news. My hsuabnd brother's wife to be is having a baby. Izabel will have a family member around her age to play with.

It makes me wonder if I should have one more. Right now Izabel is an only child. Even though we can spoil her rotten, I wonder if she is missing out not having a brother or sister. We live in a small 3 bedroom house. So, If we had a girl we could try to put them in the same room. If we had a boy my husband would have to add on to the house or give up his office.

I grew up with 3 sisters. Not really though they lives with either there dad or there mom. They were half sisters. My mom was never home so I kinda felt lonely having to do things on my own. Izabel wont have that as I am a stay at home mom. Still i wonder if it will be better to give her a sibling. Also there the cost of having a baby. 40k for my c section. There lots to think about.
I am 31 almost 32 and Travis is 38 almost 39 does he realy want anther one. If we do this would be our last one.