Monday, February 16, 2009


We bought this house in december and it came with no fride,stove or washer and driver. Lucky we had are own fridge from the place we use to live at. So the next step was getting what we could afford at the time, which was a stove. I got my cook top stove. Hubby wanted a gas stove but no gas Line in kitchen yet.

Fianly are Taxes came in. Hubby and I were getting tired of everyweek trucking are clothes to his parents house to wash them. I said no more and he agreed so he bought me something. Ive been wanting a top loader for awhile now. Plus it HE and uses less water and soap so that will help. Plus with a 1 year old you need a washer and dryer. She likes to get dirty. She learned oh a cookie or a cop cake I can squish it and then run my hands all over my clothes.

Remember if you buy a HE/energy star washer and dryer to call your electric company they can give you a rebeate. The rebeat may only be 50-75 dollars but every dollar helps.They give rebeats on many Energy star stuff so check there website out