Thursday, September 24, 2009

Prices of Stuff.

Hmm we don't need to replace it yet. But anyone know were to get a tankless water heater and the prices. Now when we go to the new windows next year, hubby wants ones that block out UV or the sun. One the things that heats up this house so much. Need to find out where to get windows and how much that will be.

We already got one more thing off our list. Since the Holidays are comming and we get lots of turkeys and hams when on sale, hubby got a bran new freezer.

P.S. Hubby Decied since we were losing to much heat out the windows to doth the windows first then the water heater.


The Mama said...

We've done windows and a new water heater recently. We did get the super energy efficient windows, double pane with the gas in the middle, and the quotes for our whole house ranged from $4500 to $6000.

The window companies should come to you and give you free quotes.

We chose not to get the tankless water heater though, we got a normal 50 gallon one and for everything I think it was around $800 or so.

Amanda,, Travis, and Izabel Rainha Felton said...

HOW MANY windows in your house?