Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Welcome to the World.

Izabel is no longer the youngest grandbaby on her fathers side of the family. Savannah Rae Felton was born today 9/30/09 at 1;10pm 6 pounds 12oz, 19 and 3/4 inches long. Welcome to the family. Finaly someone close to Izabel age. Her other cousions are 6. Someone she can hang with and grow up and learn things with.


Jessica said...

Yay for babies! Savannah and Aspen will look up to Izabel so much! It will be cute to watch them both follow her around and try to be as cool as they think she is. You should get photos of the cousins in halloween costumes- Izabel is the most adorable bee, and Savannah is precious all the time too!

Amanda,, Travis, and Izabel Rainha Felton said...

Yeah need to find out what your little girl and Savannah are going to be for Halloween. We Can try to get pictures just remember Izabel dosnt sit still excpet for eatting.