Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

I didn't get any pictures, but had fun. Besides you've already seen her costume. We took Izabel over to her aunt and uncles house and went trick or treating. I had the stroller just in case she need it. She wanted to walk with the big kids. she made it down the street and over to the next street before her little feet got tired and we had to go back. She doesn't talk allot but at a few houses she would say thank you after I said thank you. She couldn't get Trick or Treat out though. It was fun. She loved the light up pumpkins people had on the porch and tried to play with them. She even tried to go in few peoples houses. The group kept saying in the rear here comes the bee, was so funny. There would be Izabel walking her walk. She tried so hard to follow daddy and keep up with the kids. It was so cute. She's never walked that far. Normally she stops and try's to play in the dirt, grass or any ting she sees on the ground. Happy Halloween 2009