Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sitting Down

Ive been trying for while now to get Izabel to sit on the coach or even try to climb on it. I have come to the conclusion that she thinks it to high up. What made me aware was I was playing with her and she sat down on me like you would a chair or a stole down at her level. So I think for Christmas we might get Izabel a princess chair. Daddy doesn't just want to get her any chair but one her size that look like one the chairs you see in the living room. Like a recliner or love seat chair. Travis found a couple on Walmart's website.

If she would sit in her chair when watching her 1 movie a night (basically only time I let her watch TV unless I sneak in Handy Manny) We do have Hanny Manny on DVD so she watch that at her movie time. She is good at playing in her room. She loves it unless she get tired that when we have movie time. She even picks out what she watches. We cut her TV time way down. I cant wait till Savannah and Aspen are older to play with her. Right now only kids her age we know are 2 boys and she doesn't see them very often. She dose love to play by herself. She learned how to say go away. Though not nice to say, she did say it to me when she didn't want to play with me anymore and wanted to play by herself. She so cute when she trys to talk. Gotta listen to her very careful as she doesn't say it very loud.


Jessica said...

This is so cute! I love that Travis is looking to get "real" baby furniture :) you should check craigslist too...