Thursday, February 18, 2010

Izabel New Bed

So this week we put together the cutiest Toddler bed. When we deceied to get Izabel a new bed. I didnt know what to get. Do we get a toddler bed. Do we get a twin bed. I knew in the long run a twin bed would save us money. On the other hand Izabel just wanting to get on futurine on her own. She always been able to slide herself off the couch and big chair. She also like to roll and sleep in werid spots in her crib. I knew it wouldnt be easy to get her to sleep in her bed.

First time was nap time she wanted figured out how to get out of bed. Lucky I still use the baby monitor. Every time I would hear one of her toys I would run in there and put her back to sleep. After an hour she finaly feel asleep in her bed. Second time was bed time. She end up falling asleep on the floor and I had to pick her up and put her in her bed. She did stay in bed all night.

Second day she did the same thing during nap time except she didnt get up as much as the first day. Bed time she didnt get up at all. She did end up falling asleep at the end of her bed, but least she was on her bed.

We are know on day three. So will see how this goes. I figured in 2 years or when her weight doubles will move her to a twin bed.