Saturday, February 20, 2010


Has anyone tired Tag Jr? It Cardboord books that when you put the reader over the book it talks to you. It holds up to 5 books at time. The books you buy in the store or on the leapfrog website. The Book are abougt 10.95 each so there not so expensive. You then go to the leapfrog conect program that comes with the reader and you can dowload the sounds to your pc. Plug the reader to the Pc and put the book on the Reader. Izabel love the Elmo's book called Faces. She got Tag Jr for her birthday from her Grandma and Grandpa. She got 5 book so far. There a few more I like to get her. Easter comming up and Christmas so I am sure she will get more books to read. She loves to click on the pictures in the book more then she like to click on the words but in time I am sure that will change. She has so much reading/playing with her books everynight.


The Mama said...

I love the new 2 picture! So cute. :-)