Thursday, June 5, 2008

June 5 2008

Well, we had to get Izabel a new doctor today. I never really like the old doctor anyway. He never seem to know what he was doing anyway. He always said let me ask the other doctor. Plus he said he was switching jobs in this area. He seemed like he was just a general all around doctor and didn't know much about kids. So today was Izabel first time with her new doctor. I thought thinks were going so well. We got there at 9:30 for her 9:45 appointment. Did the paper work. at 10:00 they called us back and they did her weight and height. She is 11 pounds now 23 inches long with a 3 1/2 foot. Then they take us to another room as say the doctor will be right with you. An hour late the doctor finally comes in the room. I guess one her other patients deiced at the last meet to bring in a 9-20 page pack of information that she need filled out right then and there. She like I am getting on plane at 4pm to go to Washington Dc. Can you fill out the paper work now. Normally people give you weeks to fill it out and send it to your new doctor. Nope this lady was kinda rude. She now made the doctor make all her patients wait. It was kind upsetting. Made me want to leave having to wait so long. Izabel was getting tired and hungry. She did eat at 8:30 am, but by 11 she was getting hungry. The doctor did apologize but when a baby is hungry and tried what do they do. She screamed her head off. I mean she screamed so loud it made your ear drums hurt.

We did find out things that we didn't know before. One the doctor doesn't think she need physical therapy for her head. Oh did I tell you about her head yet? I can't remember so if I didn't I will tell ya again. Izabel likes to sleep on her left side her head. She can turn her neck from side to side but doesn't like to when sleeping. So her head is forming more towards one side. Where trying to get her to sleep on the other side and now and then she will. The new doctor wants to do a MRI to make sure everything is forming OK in there and that with time her head will forum OK. We don't want to do physical trophy on her head if we don't have to. Plus the old doctor said she had a condition where she couldn't move her head from side to side. She moved her head all the time so i know he was wrong. I never liked him but he was one the few doctors that would take medicare and until are insurance came in it what we had to go with.

Now the new Doctor also wants to schedule a Upper GI. She thinks Izabel might be not be sucking her bottle properly and swallowing her milk and spiting it back up in her mouth. Which can cause problems in her esophagus. She also gave us new formula to try cause Izabel get real gassy at night and doesn't sleep though the night yet and she almost 5 months old. New formula is for gassy and Fussy babies.

Did I also mention that Izabel has two top and two bottom teeth right under the gum line waiting to come in. So on top of everything else she could be teething soon.

I hope that this all works and that Izabel gets better and becomes a healthy and happy baby.