Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I cant wait for the warm weather. I have some pink and brown paint to put up on the walls. We bought the paint for Izabel room, but every time we want to paint we been busy or the car accident or it been to cold to open the window. Today it was 60+ but by the time it was warm enough to open her window Izabel need her nap. She been fussy if she doesn't get her nap. Then she get fussy if we lay her down. All she wants to do is crawl and try to grab on to things and try to stand up. We had to get a new entertainment system. The one we had had to many sharp uneven corners and she kept running in to them. The one got is oval Sharp and wood. It round so no sharp edges and nothing sticking out. It four shelves. Now it a lighter wood then the colors in my living room, but it brown. The walls in the living room are a light blue the curtains are blue and brown. The chair is blue and brown and coach is brown. So I guess it all matches.


Stephanie said...

You have to put up pictures after you paint her room. :-)