Thursday, March 26, 2009

Snow 09

Good day to stay home and do nothing. Snow Snow Snow. Its snowing and they might close the airprot for the night. Even if they close the roads, but don't close the airport my husband will have to go to work in the morning. I know suchs but that the way it is.
Right now my brother n law is stuck in Vegas. Seens with the snow he and his new wife Can't get a flight home. They had one for midnightm but we had them change it and now that flight they changed it to might be be closed. They finaly got a flight out of Vegas 6 hours later. Now they are in Denvor and the friend they had to come pick them up can come cause the roads are closed. Well not total closed but the Govenor has said that if you can stay at home please do so. There already been some accidents from Denvor to Colorado Springs.
We found one flight from Denvor to Colorado springs but it is all full. So now they can either try to rent a car and try to drive home or stay at the airport. It suchs to be so close to home and not able to get home.
Same thing happen to use in Decemeber but it wasnt snow that delayed are flight from Denvor to the Springs. IT was the high winds. Trust me the plane ride to the springs wasnt a plesent ride either. I almost got sick. I get motion sickness. Well to a point. It why I cant go on the fast rollercosters. I did that once and wasnt a pretty site.

On the bright side my new blue ray came int he mail today. Ive been watching twlight. Not a bad movie if you like vampires and highschool romance movies.

So that they first big snow storm of 09