Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Izabel wouldnt sleep last night and not eatting much. She has a 100 fever, and I wonder why. Finaly she let me have a look in her mouth. She is geting a thrid top tooth. The second on the right hand side. It sure does hurt. She is crabby.
It still didnt stop me from going to the Eye Doctors. I havent gone in awhile and need new perscription. I couldnt find anew pair of regualr glasses I like so I had the new perscription put in my spair pair. I also got a pair of perscription sunglasses. Now I can with out being blinded by the sun.
Lucky we have family that can watch Izabel when we need too. We where there watiing till 3pm. Didnt get to the funuriture store to get Izabel Dresser. I guess that will have to wait another week. Oh fun. We only been trying since her brithday to get her dresser. She needs one so badly. Tired of her cloths siting at the bottom of her closet. She will be 14 months on saturday. She geting so big.


Stephanie said...

Amelia doesn't have a dresser either, she has plastic drawers from Target. LOL The kids are crammed in one room right now so there wasn't room for two dresssers. We'll get her one after we move